Show weight percentages in a picklist

Hi there,

I wanted to share this in case someone comes across the same problem. I want to see weight percentages (proportion ratios) in a picklist. Consider I have 3 categories in a picklist, each have a count based on how many references it got. So far it's a standard ordinary picklist.

  • Red: 4
  • Blue: 2
  • Green: 4

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 22.28.59

I would like to know the percentage of each item out of the total count, i.e. see their weight out of 100% as follows in the weight column of the picklist:

  • Red: 40%
  • Blue: 20%
  • Green: 40%

In the table used as the picklist, I added a 3rd column called Percentage and used the following formula:

Then set the 3rd column's format to Percentage.

You can create a Column List in your app based on this picklist with 3 columns to see a summary report of the number of items and their proportional "weight" percentage.



Nice example, @Andras :smiley:

Thanks for sharing here for other Honeycoders! :honeybee: :honey_pot: