Simple 2 screen app but not populating summary

I'm making a small 2 screen app that I can record temperatures of employees as they check-in. I've made 4 separate tables, 1) Name (pick-list with names) 2) Team (pick-list with teams) 3) Location (pick-list with available locations) 4) Temperature (pick-list with range of temps). I'm trying to get the values to populate in a summary table so I can refer back to it as needed but all that populates is the name of the table. What am I missing?

So I assume you have a screen with the four pick-lists and a "Submit" button? So the "Submit" button should create a record in a "Checkin" table, right? If so, did you create an automation for the "Submit" button? Can you describe it?

Yes, currently I have one screen with 4 pick-lists, with a button at the bottom which triggers the Automation. I have "Starts when clicked", Add data to new row in the "Summary" table. Just not sure exactly what should go in the "Take data from:" section, it looks like its expecting a formula, so I've tried =$[Players] and write to: =[Players] for each of the pick-list. See screenshot. I'd also like to add a summary screen after I figure out this part which would display the selections from previous screen before hitting confirm/submit.

Hi @snyderm, welcome to the community! I thought I'd chime in here as well and share a mockup I created to help.

For starters, here are my tables.

Here are my 5 screens.

Home screen is simply 4 rowlinks/picklists, with sources with respective tables, just like you had mentioned. For example.

Next button on the Home screen has two automations: 1) Updates the Summary screen variables (four of them) and 2) Navigates to the Summary screen. For example.

Summary screen has 4 variables defined like this. Notice the name of the variable and the type is Variable. These are the variables that I set in the previous step.

On the Summary screen I also have a Back button, which simply navigates to the Previous Screen (in case the user wanted to go back and make a change), as well as a Submit button. The submit has two automations, 1) Insert the 4 variables into the History table, 2) Navigate to the Thank you screen. See below.

For the History screen, I simply added a Column list object and selected the History table. I also enabled filters on all 4 columns, so I could easily filter the view on players, teams, locations, or temperatures.

And here it is in action.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the amazing write-up! I had something strange happen after the first step where the TempPicklist was not available to map to TempCell. Any idea why that would be?

You should be able to type it out even if the suggestion box doesn't offer to auto-complete it for you.

Hey @snyderm, besides what @Isaiah suggested, you may want to try making the TemperaturePicklist data cell Editable (check box in the properties).

You can also remove the additional navigational buttons and only have Add Entry and History by doing this...

Let us know how it goes!


Thanks for the great feedback all! This will be really useful and it's working great.

One last question, I would like each entry added with a date. I've added a date object but it doesn't appear that the value is carried over to the history even though I've added the cell.

It looks like you forgot to make the Date variable editable.

Hi @snyderm good to hear that your app is working. For adding a date you don't even necessarily need a date field that the user of the app would have to enter. Instead just add another automation action of take data from =NOW() or =DATE() and write it to the date column in your table. One less field for the user to deal with. :slightly_smiling_face:

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