Sort on Table Columns

How to sort on table columns? prefer multi column sort ie Ctl click for next column with ^ or down ^ arrows

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Hi @Piet-1f4e and welcome to our community! You can order and filter data in tables on multiple columns. Just click on the little arrow in the column header and choose your ordering or filtering parameters like so

Then you can click on the second column header and sort it as well.

Your preference for sorting via hotkeys is noted. I'll let our team know!

Oleg this works in the table view but does not save or allow the app view to be properly sorted. If there is a solution for this I would love to know. Thank you.

In the app, You’ll need to change the list’s source from the table to a filter formula that uses ORDER BY.

There’s an example of how to sort by more than one column in the docs:
Filter( )

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