Spring Mixer 💐 - What have you built in Honeycode?

Hey Honeycoders! :honeybee:

Spring has sprung and our busy bees are enjoying fields full of flowers! What are you enjoying in the new Honeycode experience?

Ideas of what to share:

  • How long have you been a builder?
  • What type of apps have you been building? Or, what are you looking to build?
  • What industry are you in?

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If you have any particular building questions, please ask our team here. :honeybee:

Currently building a Support request app. and it will be cool if i could submit as a template to the gallery :smiley:

Hi @Akah,

So exciting! We'd love to get a preview of what you've built, if you care to share. I like the idea of a public template gallery. I'll pass this on to our teams.

Yes for sure so how do i share ? By screen shots or app access link ?

Screenshots work great. Here's an example of an app shared on the community. Feel free to use a similar approach.

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So here is the beta version of SR (Support Request) app. This app was built to easily manage employee support request. The app is made of 3 parts :

  1. Help desk user app

This allows employees to create and track their support tickets. As seen in the screenshot below, you can see that the employee has an overview of his or her ticket journey (the stage at which the ticket is) and can easily create a new ticket by clicking the + button

  1. Help Desk Admin
    Once a ticket is created, the help desk administrator is then able to assign the ticket to the support team or a user for treatment. The administrator also has an overview of the ticket journey as the help desk user but with some additional information. Below is the assign screen of the administrator

    Note: Each time the status of the ticket changes, the User who created the ticket is notified instantly.

  2. Help Desk Support
    Finally, Once a ticket has been assigned, the assignee receives a notification and the ticket added to his or her dashboard as shown below.

    The support user will now be able to work on the issue and update the ticket status as needed.

Using the new experience is pretty cool to build very fast applications with little or no code knowledge. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@Akah This is awesome. :star2: :star_struck:

Thank you for sharing your SR app here. The UI is very clear and easy to follow the flow from reporter, to assigner, to assignee. Great use of the notifications to keep the reporter in the loop on progress.

We're curious to see how you further develop this! What more do you need to bring it out of beta? :honey_pot:

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I've built a golf tournament app. Similar to the Fedex Cup, me and my golf buddies play a money game every weekend. It's a weekly, 2 day, total net, stroke play event. Each event tracks money won/lost, and points earned. It's complete with an admin section (for me) to add new events, add scores, etc. and a leaderboard for my golf buddies.

It's a fun way to make golf more stressful lol

Hi @DanG-c313,

Your app sounds awesome! Thanks so much for sharing the idea.

I'm curious, as you build and use the app, has anything come to mind about features or capabilities you want that Honeycode doesn't offer?