Stock live data in honeycode

Does Honeycode allow a way to get stock values into the table even if it uses some APIs from AWS, do we have any template to get it started on? thanks

@Naee-6456 building your own custom app related to stocks, this is a really cool idea! I haven't done this myself but in theory this could work:

What you could do is create a spreadsheet of stocks in Google Spreadsheets and create a Zap for when Google Spreadsheets updates the stock prices which then will write to your Honeycode table. In Google Spreadsheets you can add ticker symbols to it so that it pulls the data and then utilize their recalculation feature so that the ticker updates without you having to keep the Google Spreadsheet open.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the tip, not sure I understand though. If I create google sheet with GoogleFinance() functions to get stock values, how this change will be triggered for zap unless you update or reload the sheet for changes?

That's where my thought on updating the Google Sheets Recalculation setting comes into play. That recalculation setting allows for recalculation without you having to open or update the Google Spreadsheet.

You might need to come up with a hacky way to create a formula that will auto update with the recalculation setting, but I think this recalculation setting will be a key piece for you here.

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How about creating a reverse Zap from Honeycode to Google Sheet to trigger this update when you launch and then another zap from Google Sheet to Honeycode to get updated table? I guess worth try. thanks for your help.

Hi @Naee-6456, welcome back to the community! :wave:

This is an interesting question and a use case we hadn't heard much of before. Would love to hear a bit more about it and if you've made any progress yet. One possibility is to explore AWS Lambda to pull this data at a predefined interval and leverage our APIs to drop the data in a Honeycode table. If you search around on the web you may find some related examples, including in our serverless application library.

Keep us posted on how things go!

So just an update on this, I was able to use google sheet and zapier to get stock values. Though sync process is slow but it works. I do see that even if the google sheet is not opened or loaded, I still get the updated data. I compared this with stock values at the end of the day to see if the stock values got updated somehow. Not sure how that works, but it worked.
I have not tried lambda function yet, but may explore that option as well.
Thanks everyone who helped.


@Naee-6456 - Great to hear that you got it working and thanks for posting the update! Let us know if anything else comes up that we can help with in your building journey.

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