Substitute value from lookup in another table

Good morning Honeycoders!,

I have a scenario where I have folks importing data into a table that gets written to another table. There is a column in the import table that I would like to have the contents of that column be as a lookup in another table and if it finds the value in a column pull a value in that same row but a different column in that row and then take that value and write it to the imported value.

Examples below

When the row is imported the item in Branch Number column is a long string. I'd like to do a lookup against a table that has the same strings but in the column next to it has a simple value.

Replace the value that was imported with the one that was done in the lookup.

I was thinking doing a subsitute or perhaps a formula on the column?


Hi @BradArtman :wave:. Hoping this will help you...

I have two tables, Import and Lookup.

In my Import table, for the Simple Value column, I am using the following expression: =FINDROW(Lookup,"Lookup[Label]=%",[Branch Number])[Value]. Using the FINDROW function here will find the row from the Lookup table that matches the Branch Number column. If there is a match, then it pulls the second column from the Lookup table, which is Value. Here's a screenshot:

And here it is in action:

Let us know how this goes!