Sumar registros de una tabla y mostrarlos en otra tabla

Good morning, I am looking for a way to sum the records of a column that have in common a value in another column, and it refers to another column as shown in the image.

In the image I show two tables, the first table has the ID VIATICOS and the total refers to the sum of the records that coincide with the ID VIATICOS in the second table.
I use the following formula:
=SUM (FILTER (Descripcion_viaticos, "Descripcion_viaticos[ID VIATICOS] =%," [ID VIATICOS]") [TOTAL POR COMPRA])


Hi @emil-b83d (and good morning!) :sunny:

You're close with your formula; I'm happy to help with the syntax. For the formula in the Total column in Table 1, try the following:

=SUM(FILTER(Descripcion_viaticos, "Descripcion_viaticos[ID VIATICOS]=[ID VIATICOS]")[TOTAL POR COMPRA])

Let us know if that works, and if you have any further questions. :slight_smile: :honeybee: