Syntax error when using nested IF() in column formula

Hi there,

I'm trying to use a nested IF() statement as the formula of a column. It works when it's a single-level IF() but not when it's nested. This is weird because I have other columns where I use nested IF() formulas but I can't figure out why this one is broken.

I tried the following formulas, they should provide identical results, but they both give a syntax error:

=IF([Last RN Assessment Date]<>"", [Last RN Assessment Date]+365, IF([HCA Signed Date]<>"", [HCA Signed Date]+14, "0"))

Syntax error: Invalid ")" in formula.

=IF([Last RN Assessment Date]="", IF([HCA Signed Date]="", "", [HCA Signed Date]+14), [Last RN Assessment Date]+365)

Syntax error: Invalid "," in formula.

The Last RN Assessment Date and HCA Signed Date columns both exist in the same table and they are both just simple date format. Interestingly, the formula provides the correct results in each row but shows the error regardless.

Any ideas?


Hi @Andras,

Thanks for reaching out. I went ahead and used the following formula and am not getting an error:

=IF([Last RN Assessment Date]<>"",[Last RN Assessment Date]+365,IF([HCA Signed Date]<>"",[HCA Signed Date]+14,""))

If there are blue chips in the column's cells, you can click on one to apply for the format to the column, which could mitigate the error message. However, if that is not the case, this could be a bug, which you can report by clicking on the ? and filling out the Report an issue form.

Thanks again,


Thanks for your reply @Dan . I see the blue chips sometimes if I clear and re-enter the formula, but they disappear by themselves after a few seconds. Clicking on one and applying the format does not seem to make a difference. If I go to Column properties and just hit enter on the already entered formula, the syntax error message still shows up.

I've submitted a bug report as you suggested.