$[SYS_User] name?


I am using a webhook to send details to Zapier for an email integration. One of the payloads I'm attempting to send is the $[SYS_User] variable hoping that I would get the name of the user who executed the automation. What I'm seeing is that I'm being sent the email address instead (login details).

Is there any way I can get the actual Name associated with the sys_user?

For context, I was hoping to use the sys_user for a customized closing for an email sending to candidates


Hi @BradArtman,

As you noted, $[SYS_USER] sends the associated email in a zap.

If you'd like to send a first name of the sys user, here's a method that may work for you:

Create a Candidates table where you have a Candidate column (formatted as a contact), and columns that specify the name:

Then in the app, you can have the payload send the data in the name column that matches the $[SYS_USER]. For my example, I used the formula: =FINDROW(Candidates, "Candidates[Candidate Contact]=$[SYS_USER]")[First Name]

This would then send a first name to the zap as desired:

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile: :honeybee:

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Works great! Thanks!

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Awesome :smiley: :star2: Of course, and thanks for all your great building questions!

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