Table header as date?

I'm trying build a table that shows monthly recognition of revenue over time (dates in columns) for a subscription. I'm calculating from subscription info in another table (subscription #, total amount, subscription start date, and subscription end date. I want the calculation to be a daily recognition of revenue. For instance a $366 subscription starting Jan 1, 2020 and ending December 31, 2020 would recognize $1/day, so Jan rev would be $31.00, Feb Rev would be $29.00, etc.

I usually build a formula in excel with the dates on the top rows and the revenue calculations in the rows below the dates. The formula references the dates in the top row and calculates revenue that way. I can build one formula and copy it down and across. The problem I'm having with Honeycode is that I can't get it to recognize the dates on the top rows, so I have to manually enter the date in the formula for each row. An I doing something wrong, or is there a better way to do this?


hi @Bria-ac7f, very nice use case,

I'm not sure I will give you a complete answer, so if you have some formulas or screenshots I may be able to say more. But if I understand you correctly you'd like to see MonthlyRevenue in a table, as calculated from the Subscription Table.

As you pointed out dates in column headings do not work well. The tables in Honeycode behave more like a database table than a spreadsheet. What if you did something like this:

  • Created "MonthlyRevenue" table with three columns:
    Month - a date entry
    RecognizedRevenue - the $ amount of what is to be recognized that month
    Subscription - a Rowlink to the subscription itself

  • The RegognizedRevenue would have a formula on it that would calculate the revenue based on the month and the subscription

  • You would have a standalone automation that every month added a new row to the table for each subscription that you have.

Does that help?