Table help

Hi @Alyssa out of the topic, can I see the table of People here, I just wanna know how this is done. Thank you!

Hi @hjaaa-90e4, yes, I can show you how the table would look. :slight_smile:

In that example, the formula is checking to see if the active app user (or SYS_USER) is a manager. The People table has an Employee column and a Manager column, both of which have a Contact format like this:

If Mary Major was using the app, the visibility formula would return true for that user and the button would display, because Mary is a manager for at least one of the employees. (The FILTER formula would return 3 which is greater than 0, making the formula TRUE).

Hope that clarifies how it works! :honeybee:

thank youuuu @Alyssa this is a big help


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