Tables became Sheets

Hi Honeycode team!

All of my tables turned into sheets without me interacting with the 'convert to sheets' button in any way, and there doesn't seem to be a way to convert them back into tables.

Could I get some help on converting my sheets back into the table format? It's the same issue as the one outlined here: Table change to sheet

Thank you! :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi @Eric0,

Thanks for reaching out. I am looking into this now, I will follow up again in a bit.

To confirm, you don't see the sheet icon further to the right on your navigation bar?

Thank you,

Hi @Evelyn, I can confirm that that button is only visible when converting from tables to sheets. The button disappears when switching from sheets to tables.

My co-worker messed around with the interface earlier today until he managed to switch it back to table view, but we have no idea how we managed to achieve this. :confused:

Hi @Eric0 ,

Glad to hear it was resolved, it does sound like a bug and I've let our team know. Thanks again for reaching out and providing an update.


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