Tables from AWS RDS

Can Honeycode link or read data from my AWS RDS Tables??



Would love to know this as well

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i guess that this will be like Microsoft have done in PowerApps , they release a first version just to call everyone attention , then they will release more features based on Community request..


Definitely interested here as well...or a way to sync.

Make API requests out to write and then sync data back in would be manageable. Maybe even better if some other API is gating the writes.

For instance an admin dashboard and reporting tool.

Connecting to AppSync stuff might be interesting as well here.


Hi @Alex-f00d, there is no native support in Honeycode to read data from AWS RDS tables yet. Thank you for suggesting this feature, I have shared it with our Product team for consideration. In the interim you can use Honeycode and RDS APIs to create scripts that link these systems together. Please refer to Getting Started with Honeycode APIs if this interests you.


Hi @RajeshGoli thank you for your prompt answer .. your consideration is very good ! , i will try this.



Can we create graphical dashboard from the data?

Hi @Alex-f00d, @Arch-b74d, @TomM-664f, @Jati-7933, we'd love to gather more information from each of you on external integrations. Please take a moment to visit External Integrations - Share your feedback! and provide details around your use case. Thanks!

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Hi @Jati-7933 - Welcome to the community! Just following up on this... Would you mind sharing a bit more on the graphical dashboard need that you may have?

Hi @Alex-f00d, @Arch-b74d, @TomM-664f , we're excited to announce integrations with Zapier and Amazon AppFlow, allowing you to connect your existing workflows and data sources with your Honeycode apps, plus new Honeycode APIs.

In case you missed it, more details can be found here! Release Notes - December 2, 2020