Team roles defined?

I'm interested in sharing my workbook with my team, but want to control each member's permissions. Where can I find the definitions of these roles and their permission levels?

Within a workbook, there are three roles:

  1. Workbook Owner
  2. Workbook Collaborator
  3. App User

Workbook Owner

The Workbook Owner is, by default, the person that created the workbook. The Workbook Owner can edit/add/delete anything within the workbook (including the workbook itself) and add/remove/change permissions of other users who has access to the workbook. Do note that there must be at least one Workbook Owner in a workbook.

Workbook Collaborator

A Workbook Collaborator is a user within a workbook who can edit/add/delete anything within the workbook yet cannot delete the workbook.

App User

An App User is a user who only has access to the runtime apps. These users cannot see the sheets, app builder, or workflows in the web app. However, if the app has editable fields, the app user can edit things within in the context of the app.

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This is great. Thanks for the info!

Found another post! Sharing Workbooks & Apps

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