Team Task Manager Template - Numbered Lists

What is an easy way to number my list? I do not want the numbered cell to be involved in the sorting necessarily, I just want a 1, 2, 3, 4 ...etc to appear for each task (and the sorting will be independent).


Hello @SONN-3843,

I have a number of tables that use IDs for each entry - e.g. CustomerID, ProductID, etc.

I have set up an automation for each one, so that when a new item is added to the table, the ID field is automatically populated by adding 1 to the maximum ID currently in the table:

You can add an automation here:

Then set the automation trigger:

And put the formula here:

One word of warning: if you routinely delete entries then IDs may be re-used.

Hope that helps.


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Hey thanks, Matt. How are you generating the Custom IDs might I ask? Thanks for the feedback, the automation pictures are helpful.

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Hi @SONN-3843,

The IDs are generated by adding 1 to the maximum ID in the table. The formula is as follows, using Customer as an example where the table name is 'Customers' and the ID field is called 'CustomerID':


Hope that helps


Got it! Thanks a bunch @Matt_BicycleBook !!!

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