Team Tracker: How to Order the display by last changes in Notes/ addition of Tasks?

Team Tracker:

I've built the team tracker and got announcement etc. all figured out.

Now how do I see the latest changes on the Notes or the last Task added on the top of the Tasks in the Screen?

Ie., How to Order the display by last changes in Notes/ addition of Tasks?

Thanks folks...

This explanation might be helpful (click through on the link to see a helpful screengrab):

Hi @SGarg, Thanks for your post!

I can help you out with this. :slight_smile:

You can achieve this by creating a new column to store time data of when a task is last updated, setting up automations to properly update this column, and then modifying the list order to sort accordingly to display the last updated or newly added task at the top.

Here are the steps for this:

On the A_Task table, add a column named something like "Last Updated."

Then create an automation that will update "Last Updated" when "Notes" are modified. I did this with the Column Changes automation, selecting Overwrite as the action to update to =NOW() in the "Last Updated" column.


You will also need to set up a second automation for when you add a new row.

After publishing both automations, you can then see that when you either add a row or update the "Notes" column in a row, the "Last Updated" column updates.

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 10.34.53 AM

For the last part to sort accordingly in the app by the last updated task, you will need to modify the list's data source in Builder. On the "All Tasks" screen, click on the list object, and in the data source, update the two "Order By" clauses.

Update both Order By clauses to A_Tasks[Last Updated] DESC as shown here:

Afterwards, open your app in web run-time and the list will now sort as desired with the last updated task or newly added task showing at the top. :slight_smile:

Hope this is a helpful walkthrough. Let me know if you have any questions. :honeybee:

Brilliant! Many thanks Alyssa..

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@SGarg, you're welcome!

I'm happy to help. :slight_smile: :honeybee:

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