Test and Preview in Honeycode

When building apps, you might find yourself wanting to test or experiment before making changes to anything in production. You can think of this as a means of change management validating app updates. Here are some ways you can experiment and preview in Honeycode!

Duplicate a Workbook or App

This a quick way to replicate your production data and apps into a test environment. Duplicated workbooks and apps are not automatically shared with anyone, so you can experiment to your heart's desire.

  1. From My Drive , click the app's or workbook's ellipsis.

  2. Click Duplicate . The new copy of the workbook and apps will populate at the top of the list in My Drive. You can also make a copy of an app directly in builder by right-clicking the app and selecting duplicate.


:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: Renaming the copies of the workbooks and apps is a good way to ensure you can distinguish between your production and test environments.

Cut, Copy and Paste Objects/Screens

Whether it's an app object or a screen, just about everything can be cut, copied and pasted within the same screen, a different screen or even another app - a great method for trying things on for size!

Here are some best practices:

  • Hotkeys can be used on any screen or object.


  • =FALSE You can set an object's visibility to =FALSE on the properties panel display tab to hide in-progress elements from users. This is especially useful if you are experimenting on the live app.


  • Variables: When cutting, copying and pasting objects across screens, ensure your destination screen has the correct variables.

  • App Navigation: navigation configuration is key when pasting screens across apps. Make sure to show or hide the screen(s) and to configure any quick actions that trigger movement between screens.

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