Text size, Image upload, Landscape mode on phone/tablet

I am creating a simple feedback survey using emojis.
Would love to make the emojis bigger and show it in landscape mode on the tablet.

Since the max text size is only 32, the emojis are not that big.
If I can upload an image, I also can get rid the box around the emojis, since right now the emojis are recognized as texts instead of an image.

This survey will be perfect in the display in landscape mode.

Hi @Risky! Great suggestion. We've received feedback from other customers about image support, as well as having the ability to enlarge emojis. We can definitely understand how personalization is important to many, and the product team has been considering these feature requests.

Please continue to share your thoughts and comments on how we can improve Honeycode to fit your needs :honeybee:

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