Time Diff


I'm building an app to track data on infant/toddler activity to provide parents insights. One piece of it is a sleep time tracker. I couldn't find a function that would allow me to track total hours:minutes slept between two date & time inputs. Is there a way to do this?

For example this is the input for sleep start time in my table: 8/24/2020 10:58AM
and here is the sleep end time: 8/24/2020 03:14PM

Note: The cells in the table are formatted to 'Date & Time'.

I was looking to see if there is a epoch time converter so I find the Dif then convert it back to hours:minutes, but doesn't look like that is available currently. Are there any workarounds?


Hi @Milly, thanks for this post as well! :slight_smile:

I can help with this one too, and show you a way to achieve your goal of calculating the time differences.

Here's an example app I made to demonstrate this:

This app shows the difference in days, hours, and minutes. This is how I set it up:

I have two input fields for the start and end date, which I called $[Start Date] and $[End Date], which are both formatted to Date & Time.

And above the input fields, I have a content box where I typed in text and added three different data cells (for the days, hours, and minutes values).

In the properties of the data cells, I added in the following formulas in the initial value fields:

For the days data cell: =DAYS($[End Date],$[Start Date])
For hours: =HOUR($[End Date]-$[Start Date])
For minutes: =MINUTE($[End Date]-$[Start Date])

You can apply this concept for your app and display the values as desired in a content box.

Yours could look something like this:

Let me know if that helps. :honeybee: