Toggle a Button for just one row in a list

I have a list with a check-in button on each list row. If the user checks in one student, I want to change the button to "Checkout" for just that row? Using a true/false datacell, I can apply the toggle to this but it changes all the buttons in the list. The toggle includes a second button that is visible when false etc.

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Hey @Davi-7079,

When the user clicks the "Check-in" button are you updating a field in the student record? If so can you also provide a screenshot of the automation listing the field you are setting as well as a screenshot of the visibility settings for the "Check-out" button.

Once you provide that information I should be able to assist you.

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Hi Nancy, I don't really know what to write for the "set visibility" option. I've tried many things, however, I need help on this. Please see screen shots.


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Thanks for sending the screenshots @Davi-7079!

For the Check-in button set the visibility to
=Student[Is in Attendance]<>"Checked In"

For the Check-out button set the visibility to
=Student[Is in Attendance] = "Checked In"

I hope this helps!

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