Total number of users limit

All - I would like to understand the number of users limit. I see there's a 20 user free limit and then 19.99 for additional in PRO plan.

For my use-case, I have around 10 developers that will build the apps, but the users for my application would be in 1000's. In this case can you help elaborating my options with highest available PRO plan.


My use case is similar, limited developers but large user base.

Hi @Dine-5ddd and @sg, welcome to the community!

Thank you both for chiming in here. :slight_smile: :honeybee:

The pricing model for Honeycode applies for all team members (regardless of team member role, or if an app owner or user), and details of the pricing plans can be found here: Pricing & Billing FAQs

Our team is curious to learn more about both of your use cases. We'll be reaching out to each of you shortly, so keep an eye out for a message from our team.


This really doesn't answer my question. If I have 100-1000 end users using the mobile app but only 4 developers. What plan do I choose?

Are you saying each end user has to pay 19.95 / month? I am confused, your Pricing & Billing FAQ page doesn't answer this.

Any help /direction/guidance is appreciated.

Hi @sg :honeybee:

In order to use one of your Honeycode apps, a user will need to be a member of your team (if they are not on your team, they will not have access to your apps). This means that regardless if the team member's role is an app owner (or developer) or an app user, they need to be a team member.

For guidance, Honeycode is best used to improve processes within your team or organization (such as approval processes, project management, etc.), as it allows you to create apps for your team that improve efficiency in different processes and workflows.

I hope that helps clarify! Let us know if you have any further questions. :honey_pot: :honeybee: