Trouble with Filter Function in Tables

I am trying to filter a field that represents a unique code for a billable area, "Cost Center" and pull this into a different table to see which "Employee" are related to this "Cost Center." (there will be multiple "Employee" to one "Cost Center" in many situations.


I have done it several different ways and they all seem to work in regards to creating a connection, using both the filter and find row functions.




Originally I thought it was not working due to the filters all showing zeroes, Then I noticed this was not true for the few "Cost Centers" that ended in a alphabetical digit like A or B.


I have tried making "Cost Center" formatted as "Auto" and "Plain Text" in case it had something to do with filter reading these as numbers and aggregating or something. What is being done wrong and how can I fix this to show all other "Cost Center" and their filters to their assigned person or "Employee."

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Hi @TimS-c049,

Thanks for reaching out.

I have tried same scenario on my end. All columns format is set to auto.

  • table1 has Cost Center Column and a Related Column.
  • table2 has Person column and Cost Center column where I have number of cost center values matching with table1 cost center values.
  • I have highlighted the query, I have used, in the screenshot below.

Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out if you have more questions.

Hi Pankaj,

It must be a problem related to my other tables then. Because now I am getting a filter for just the first row here that links the correct "Person" to the correct "Cost Center." I have now done this 4 different ways (including the way you just showed me, picture example below). But all the other many "Cost Centers" still filter to a 0 even though this is not the case in the data (except the "Cost Centers" ending in a letter (ex: 100101b).

I am not sure how the first cost center number started displaying a filter now for all 4 different ways to do this but it happened today while I was randomly clicking through tables.



Thanks for your response and I understand the situation.

Let try to tackle this issue trying below two options:

  1. Recommended solution: Change the format of “Cost Center” column in your PROD_SupervisorCC table to “Rowlink and picklist”. Select the source as PROD_Supervisor_CC_Reverse table. You’ll see drop down in each row for “Cost Center" column. Select the values using dropdown for each row. Below is the screenshot as I implemented the same on my end. Hopefully this should resolve your issue.

  1. OR I am wondering if you have copied these cost center values from some source, it may have ended up in tables with some hidden trailing spaces. To test that, you can try to use trim function in your query. Below is the screenshot:

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 3.54.07 PM

Hope this helps.