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Hello Everyone,
I followed the steps in this tutorial; however, I am having some trouble with the [Unique Row ID] Column.


In the picture above, row one should be Job_ID 2 and row two should be Job_ID 3. Each time i test filling out a form the Job_ID in the first row increases by one increment and no Job_ID is assigned to the new row.

Below are screenshots of the automation. I would appreciate any help!

Thank you!

Hi @DannyHoney,

Thanks for the screenshots here!

Looks like just a minor tweak :slight_smile: Try updating your formula in the "write to" field to:
=[Job _ID]

The way you have it set up now would overwrite that column of the first row in the table. By specifying the [Job _ID] of the new row, the automation will instead write to that column of the new row that will be added.

Let us know if that helps and if you have any other questions. :honeybee: :honey_pot:

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Hello Alyssa,
Thank you for your response!
I made the change as suggested and the same issue appears to be occurring.


The two automations in the red boxes now do the same thing, this seems a bit redundant, so I will delete one of them and test the automation again.

**Edited, that also did not have the desired effect. Additionally, I am noticing that the numbers in ID-Primary[ID Primary] and Intake[Job _ID] are no longer changing on form submission.

Hi @DannyHoney,

Thanks for the quick reply!

To clarify, you only need to change the "write to" field in your first screenshot from =Intake[Job _ID] to =[Job _ID] (remove the table name "Intake" from the formula).

The other automation is still needed and did not need to be changed.

Let me know if that helps clarify :slight_smile:

Hello Alyssa,
Thank you for clarifying the change that needed to be made. I am still not able to get the formulas to work correctly. Please see below.

Corrected_Formula_Job-ID HCODE_ID(2)

I am wondering if there is a step I missed in setting up the tables.
Thank you for all your help!

Hi @DannyHoney,

Thanks for your response, and Happy New Year! :partying_face:

I see what's going on now. You want your formula that writes to the [Job _ID] field to be a part of the "Add Row" action (not an overwrite action; the overwrite action is the second one that updates the counter). In an Add Row action, you are able to specify the column it is going to be writing to.

This is how it would look:

Then the next action is the overwrite action that increments the ID count:

It looks like in your screenshot, you have the Add Row action, that is where you want to add the formula that updates the Job ID. :slight_smile:

Let me know if that helps and works! :honeybee: :honey_pot:

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You are magic!

This is working beautifully now!
Thank you!

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Awesome! :star2:

I'm happy it's working for you now, @DannyHoney :smiley:

And you're welcome, we're always happy to help.

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