Troubleshooting Loading, Connectivity, and Network Issues

If you see the following error, Honeycode is currently experiencing a loading timeout issue and will attempt to reconnect your session automatically.

If your session successfully reconnects, you will see the following notification:

back online notification

If the error persists or if you are unable to load Honeycode, here are a few known causes that we've identified, which can help you troubleshoot the root of your particular situation.

  • VPN or firewall rules
    Some VPN/Firewall/Security software have been known to block requests made by Honeycode. If you have such software installed, you can request your IT administrator to add an exception for Honeycode.

  • Websocket connection configurations
    Some device configurations have proxy settings to block websockets, which may block requests made by Honeycode. You can check the network settings of your device to see if any particular websockets may be blocked.

  • Browser extensions or pop-up blockers
    You can check to ensure that your browser does not have any extensions or pop-up blockers that may be blocking Honeycode.

  • Browser updates
    Updating your browser to the most recent version may help clear up performance or loading issues.

  • Congested or slow network connections
    If you are on a slower connection, network lag may cause this error intermittently. If that be the case, a refresh should be able to load Honeycode.

For setting up VPN or Firewall rules:

Honeycode uses HTTPS protocol / Port 443, and the key domains to whitelist include:

If none of these solutions help, please submit an issue report to us to further investigate. You can do so from your Dashboard in Honeycode by clicking on the Help ? icon in the left-hand panel > Report an issue.

In the event you experience a network disruption while using Honeycode, the following message may appear on the screen for a number of reasons (see the bulleted list below).

Info Message:

There might have been a change in network connectivity. Click the button to refresh your screen.

Image of network connectivity message

Scenarios that affect network connectivity:

  • Browser put the inactive tab to sleep
  • Internet connection was disrupted
  • WiFi network was changed
  • VPN was disconnected
  • Device was put to sleep

We recommend you refresh the screen on receipt of this message, as further interactions on the app may result in unexpected behavior. We’re continually working on improving the re-connection stability for the outlined scenarios, and will have an update for this in the near future.

If you continue to see this error message after refreshing, please submit an issue report to us to further investigate. You can do so from Honeycode on your Dashboard > Help ? icon in the left-hand panel > Report an issue.

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