Trying to send notification based on condition


I am trying to send a notification to System User, only if the SYS USER is not the Owner of a particular thing. However, irrespective of the condition, it always sends an email to the SYS USER. Seems like the condition is not working properly.

Can anyone suggest if my formula is correct? Here [Owner] is the picklist in the mail table which refers to the [User] column (in a different table) having Contact Information.


Hi @Gaurav,

Thanks for posting your question here! I'm happy to help with the syntax. :slight_smile:

First, I'll note that the automation will run only if what is entered into the "Run step if this condition is met" field returns true. This means that it is not needed to use the IF() function, you could just enter what needs to be true.

So for your formula, you could do something like:

Also, I have another way to think about this if it helps. Your [Owner] column itself could contain the contact data (rather than point to another table).

If that be the case, it could just be simply:

However, based on your other forum post, I understand your reasoning on why you made another table.

Let me know if this helps. :honeybee:

This is working perfectly fine @Alyssa.
Thank you for helping with the Syntax.


Awesome, I'm glad that works for you, @Gaurav :slight_smile:

And of course, always happy to help!

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