Turn Off AutoCalculations in Tables While Automation is Running

Hi HoneyCode Team,

I do Excel VBA development, and one of the main ways to speed up code is to remove Autocalculations while a VBA script is running, and then you turn it back on once the VBA code is done running.

I SUPER SUGGEST that you include a "Turn off Table Calculations Until Automation is Complete" feature this feature in HoneyCode because it will IMMENSELY speed up automation and allow people to still use features like =NOW() and =FILTER() because they'll only need to run ONCE after an automation is complete.


Here is what I'm referring to. It speeds up code by sometimes a factor of 50X depending on how many formulas and FILTERS are contained in the workbook.

Hi @Nich-48e3, thanks for your suggestion! :honeybee:

I'm passing along your request to our team; thank you for including the reference link as well.

I'll note too that our team is currently developing updates to improve the experience and execution of automations, which may improve what you are seeing. (Your feedback will be included for our team to consider, as the updates are being developed)

If you have any other thoughts on what you'd like to see in Honeycode, please let us know. :slightly_smiling_face: :honey_pot:

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