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Hello Honeycoders!

Has anyone come across a solution for app users to turn off in app notifications? Many of my users feel that the email they get from my automation is enough. I am not sure if the solution is a Honeycode setting or their personal phone/tablet setting.

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Hi @DannyHoney! :honey_pot: :slight_smile:

You can turn off app notifications in the settings of your mobile or tablet device. There's no settings within Honeycode to disable the notifications, however I can pass that ask along to our team as a feature request.

To have more info for this request, can you expand on how the ability to do so within Honeycode would help your team or group? Let us know too if you think of anything else around the settings that would improve your experience in the product. :honeybee:

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Hello Alyssa,
The feedback I received was just that the user was annoyed by getting both and email and an app notification. I have instructed them to turn off notifications in their phones settings.
Thank you

Got it, thanks for the quick follow-up, @DannyHoney!

I've submitted the request to our team and have included your feedback on it.

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