Two Basic Questions

Hello, I'm brand new to the platform, I have two fairly simple questions.

  1. Is it possible to create a pop-up message that says "thanks for your input" or something along those lines, so the user knows their contribution has been logged?

  2. How do I turn a user-entry text field into a paragraph field with multiple lines? I know the user can use Return to create more lines but I want the field to be obviously intended for longer responses, if possible.


hi @Matt_BicycleBook,

Very nice use cases.

  1. It is not possible to create a popup in the =alert("Thank you for your input") sense of the word, like in javascript but you can try a couple of things:
  • when a form is validated, and a user has pressed the button you can hide all the fields and un-hide a box with the success block (with a message and Next button). Then the user clicks the Next button to go to some other screen.
  • you can create a "Thank you" screen where you can navigate when the action is complete. You can pass to that screen the success or fail of the previous screen. On this screen you can show the success of fail block (with a message and appropriate button).
  1. That's about it, the field enlarges itself as you type. You can try to set data to a few blank rows but that's not ideal. The idea here is that the field remains small and then grows as you type; but I understand how you may want to give the sense of how much someone should type (a little or a lot) by the size of the box.

Hope this helps,


That's very useful @DanielTet, much appreciated!


Hello, me again. I'm trying the first option under point 1, I have created an invisible 'Thank-You' message and am now trying to work out how to make it visible when someone clicks another button (Submit).

I've gone into the automation for the Submit button, and clicked Add Action, but the only options are Notify, Add a Row, Delete a Row, Overwrite and 'Update or insert row'. It all seems to be table-related rather than object.

Any further help would be appreciated.


Why don't you do a new screen?
Submit ---> New "ThankYou" Screen ---> preview screen or home
Doesn't it work? :thinking:

@Matt_BicycleBook I had a similar need and I simply created a new screen like @Simone has suggested. Can be done within minutes.

Change the navigate to new screen to your thank you screen

Also, just hide the thank you screen from the navigation bar by doing this

Thank you @Simone and @h_coder , I was trying to see if I could do it another way but the screens thing will work fine.

Appreciate everyone's support.



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