Two Factor Authentication and Information About Data Security and Compliance

  • What’s your feature request?Two factor authentication and information about data security and compliance.

  • What’s the problem that you’re looking to solve?I'm building an app that will house sensitive consumer data (credit card info, contact info, address, etc) and confidential business information (sales data, time keeping records, etc). Obviously, this is sensitive data that shouldn't be easy to access or change, and I (and I assume many others) would feel more secure using the platform if it could be protected by two factor authentication.
    Additionally, I believe any system that stores or transmits sensitive consumer data is regulated. Does Honeycode meet those regulations? If so, a document explaining how would really boost the confidence of large companies using apps built on the Honeycode platform. If Honeycode does not meet regulations, I think developing it to meet those regulations would increase Honeycode's usability for several industries (health care, finance, anything related to consumer data.

  • How are you/is your team currently blocked?Apps built in Honeycode are limited by the data they need to store or access due to compliance and security concerns.

Thanks for sharing your feature request, @Jared! These details help our team understand and prioritize our customers' suggestions. I've passed along your request to the team for review :honeybee:

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