UK currency and date format

Feature requested: Please add in date format style for UK and currency for UK pounds sterling.

What’s the problem that you’re looking to solve?
I would like to use Honeycode to develop a database to track catering orders for our company. We're in the UK, and not being able to record dates in UK format completely stops us in our tracks. There's too much risk that team members will type in dates in UK format, that will then save in the wrong order, and confuse / lead to mistakes. We also need to be able to record prices in UK pound sterling.

How are you/is your team currently blocked?
Until the date issue at least is sorted, a huge number of businesses and projects in the UK won't be able to use Honeycode. Please fix this asap.



Also, you could hack around it for now with some extra work. In your app, don't have the date's cell be directly editable. Instead, insert three editable variables for $Day, $Month, and $Year, and then add a Button to commit the date change. When the user clicks the button, use the numbers stored in those variable to then update the date field in the sheets.

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I was wondering if that might be possible.... I can see how I could get the date to display properly (or properly for me in the UK). But this still means that Honeycode won't see this data as a date, which means functions / formulas like TODAY won't work, so anything that could be automated around dates won't work. Unless there's a way around that? I don't mind putting in the time messing around with the set up, so long as it'll function reliably. Being able to schedule actions and search by date is one of the features I need, so I can't risk that a staff member will have a bad day, forget that they need to type a date in backwards (in our UK minds) and that meaning that a record doesn't show up on a report, or doesn't flag as overdue when it should.

Hi @Corin-9342

Welcome to the community and thank your for submitting this request! :wave: Also thank you @AndrewB for helping with the suggested workaround! :hammer_and_wrench:

I can submit this request to our team for consideration, but before I do I want to add on to what @AndrewB mentioned and see if we can help unblock you with the dates. If you follow the suggestion to create three editable variables, what you then can do in the table is create a column to concatenate data to display a date in the UK format. In addition you can create another column that converts data into a recognized date using the DATE() function.

Here is my sample table with the concatenate column. This will allow me to display a date in the UK format for entries that have already been submitted.
image (25)

For the piece where you want to refer to the date for automations, what you can do is create another column that creates this. Here is the same table with an added column to create that using the DATE() function.
image (26)

For automations or any filters where you need to refer to a date you can refer to data in this column (in my example column 'Convert to date'). Does this help you accomplish what you are looking for?

Let me know, thanks!

This is great, thank you both so much! This looks like it'll work fine as a work around until Honeycode has a wider range of date formats. Thank you @Matt_N and @AndrewB for your help!! I will no doubt be in touch again when I get utterly confused in some of the more complex functions :slight_smile:

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No problem @Corin-9342 , I'm happy to help :grinning: . I'll be submitting your current feedback to our team for consideration.

I look forward to hearing about your progress as well as any further feedback/ideas you may have as you build!

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