Unable to Create Accounts with Company Email

Hey Honeycode team!

I have been using Honeycode for quite a while now, but am still stuck on a problem I ran into during my initial usage. I have continued to use Honeycode in the hopes that it's just a minor bug which would be resolved after a while, but it still seems to be a problem, unfortunately.

My employees are able to create an account on Honeycode using their personal gmail accounts, but not the company email, which is set up to be a simple forwarding system on Namecheap. We have not run into this problem with any of the other tens of digital tools we use, and I'm quite certain that my employees are following the account setup instructions correctly, as even I am not able to create an account using my company email.

To be more specific, we do not receive a confirmation email from Honeycode after completing the signup process. Again, (1) we have not experienced this tool with any other product, including other products by Amazon, and (2) the emails have no filter or custom mailbox set up on them, as they are merely automated forwardings.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi @Eric,

My best wishes for the New Year! Thanks for getting in touch and we apologize for the issue you are experiencing.
You've been contacted via email for more information to help troubleshoot the issue. If you haven't received the email, please let me know.

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