Unable to reproduce Task 8 in Making the App You Want

Trying to add the column formula calculate the sum of the current month's treat finds. The wizard doesn't want me to use what is in the document (=SUM([This Months Finds][Count])). It guides me to include the name of the summary table (=SUM(Summary_Who[This Months Finds][Count])). The column displays the '#VALUE!' error.

Is the documentation outdated or is there a way to figure out what is missing in the summary table?


Hi @OCDavid, thanks for reaching out! :honeybee:

You are able to edit the formula to match what the module provides. Honeycode sometimes provides available table names or columns to help you write formulas, which may be what you were seeing. (You don't need to use the formula that is auto-filled, if that is what occurred).

Hope that helps clarify! Let us know if there's anything else we can assist with. :honey_pot:

Hi Alyssa,
Thanks for the helpful info. I have tried typing in the formula directly as it appears in the example. It still shows the #VALUE! error in the cell. Does the builder tool have a way to show you more info behind the general #VALUE! reference to help with debugging?

Perhaps if I understood the syntax better. Is '=SUM([This Months Finds][Count])' looking at the summary table's filtered column (This Months Finds) and specifically returning values from the filtered 'Count' column from the summary table? If I observe Honeycode's recommendations when typing in the formula, it appears to lead me back to the main Treats table.


Hi @OCDavid :honeybee:

The #VALUE! error indicates that the formula does not point to a value (meaning, a syntax error). It's possible that a table or column may not be matching correctly, so I'd recommend double checking the names. Perhaps check prior steps as well in the module, if there was a step or change that was made earlier.

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You are right Alyssa. I noticed that the Count column from the main table was formatted as a pick list. Re-creating it helped solve the problem.

Thanks for your guidance to help me find the issue!


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