Unable to update data. Please help ASAP!

At the moment, we are able to view data but not update any data. As soon as we do anything that would update a row in the workbook, we get a spinner for two minutes and then a failure message. Our order taking system is at a standstill during our peak season. Please help!

Also, I tried submitting an issue and was sent to the forums instead.

Just after I posted this (about 15 minutes after the issue first started) it seems to be resolved.

Spoke too soon. Back to being unable to update after just a few minutes.

Hi @Michael_W_SCR, thanks for reaching out! :honeybee:

Could you submit this to us in an issue report through the dashboard? (Go to the Dashboard > click on the Help icon > "Report an issue.") We'll then take a look at the logs to see what may be going on.

We had been trying to do that and it kept sending us here. We just got an issue report sent a couple of minutes ago.

@Michael_W_SCR, I'm confirming here that we've received your issue report and are taking a deeper look (thank you for submitting that!). We'll be in touch with you privately with our findings.

In the meantime, let us know too if there's any other details or information to provide (i.e. any changes to the app you may be aware of).