Unlink Layouts by Screen

Would be great to have the option to unlink the layout by screen vs it being a universal setting for the entire app.

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Not sure if it would solve your problem, but it’s possible to build a second app, and then copy the screen from the first app into the second. If you have one screen that you want use in mobile, for example.

That seems like a viable work around depending on the situation, so thank you. If unlinkable (not a real word, btw) by screen is ever an option that would be ideal.

Hello @Allen,

Thanks for the suggestion! Could you describe the app you are building and how unlinking screens would help you? This would help us understand how we can simplify building on multiple device types for you. Looking forward to hearing from you!

I have built a sales pipeline app which also includes contact, company, and deal management. Roughly half the screens are the same on mobile and desktop. The other half works better to have different layouts on desktop to take advantage of the larger screen. In order to have some screens different I have to unlink all screens. This means for the screens that are the same I have to make all changes twice, so my work is doubled for no real reason.

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