Update changes data via .cvs import

Hello! I have a .cvs file created from a excel spread sheet. I was able to import it into honeycode with no issues. The problem I have is that the data changes frequently.

For each time it changes I can create a new .cvs file to import but is there a way I can have the app reflect the new data without changing variables each time?

In other words can I just simply upload the new .cvs file and the app reads the new table info?

Hi @Niki-f896,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community.

It would be helpful if I could better understand your use case before I suggest anything. I would appreciate it if you could elaborate a little more and provide more details about the following questions:

  • Every time you import Excel, is it the same format?
  • Are there multiple excel files or just one?
  • Have any new columns been added to the excel for every import?
  • Are you presenting data from tables on the screen using any expressions or are you merely displaying the same data as it gets imported from Excel?

I'd appreciate if you could provide more context about your app. This will allow me to make better recommendations.