Update data to different table -- Issue


i need to update Other Table Data, this Screen

here i am updating a Table called Notifiation , for one Colum Status

My Idea
First Filter that Record from table
Now update to That paticular Column

please help

Hi @Anil-470f, Could you please clarify the flow? Does the screen have the row loaded already or are you trying to create a new row and copy some pre-defined data?


For Example
i am having screen with table Notification it has column like
ID, Status, Type , Server Name ,,,, etc
example data
ID Status, Type, ServerName
1 , Start, Admin, server1
2. Start, Admin, Server2

in the Second Screen for example Comments i have Table with name Comments

ID ServerName comments Status
1 , server1 Holdon Hold
2. Serve1 Proceed for update Approve

once user Tells Approve , i need to update the record of Notification Table for this Server1 Status to Approved .

Here i am in Commnets Screen and i need to update the Record of Notification Table for only one Column

Here is a potential flow where Table2 that stores the status and the related comment.

Note that table1 is retrieving the last entered status dynamically using the formula:


For this to work, Table2[ServerName] should be a rowlink from Table1. In my setup, Status is also a rowlink to a table of statuses. You can also skip the ID field unless the server names are not unique. Unlike databases, UID are not needed in Honeycode in most cases.

Please let me know if you have any questions.