Update filed in current record with text using automation

Sorry if this has been asked before. I am new to Honeycode.
I am trying to create a button that updates a text field on the current record, to a new text value.

  • Created a detail form (for table [Tool])
  • Added a button
  • Automation On Click (want to change the value of [Reserved] from No to Yes)
  • Update or Insert Rows to [Tool]
    After that I'm totally lost (tried just about very possibility). I assume I'm missing something very simple.
    Any guidance would be appreciated.

It sounds like you want to use the Overwrite step, not the Update or Insert Rows step.

Try that, and see if it works for you. The Update/Insert step is really powerful, but probably also the absolute most confusing part of automations. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply. I have tried that too without success. I think I must be missing something very basic.
Should "Run step if this condition is met" be populated with a certain syntax? Also "run step for those rows"? (I was using =FILTER(Tool, "Tool=THISROW()"). I have the button that triggers the automation on a detailed record so I thought it would default to that record.

Thanks again

Made some progress. I removed the Run step for those rows. So it is supposed to update the Context Row, however it always updates the first table row.

Answering my own question for anyone struggling with the same issue:

The Block in which the Button is placed that triggers the action needs to have a Data Source (Block Properties) set to =$[InputRow]


@Harr-2fc1 nice work on figuring this out and welcome to the community! Keep us posted as you progress and drop in the community anytime for questions, content or suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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