Update Inventory In-place?

I'm convinced I'm missing something very basic and I thank anyone/everyone in advance for any guidance.

I have a simple table (components), that lists individual components and the count of each component in inventory.


Scenario: User is presented with the app screen below, selects the specific component for which they'd like to add inventory (from $[Picklist]) and inputs the quantity of that component to be added to the inventory. I'd like to take the value from $[Component Quantity] on this screen and ADD it to the existing value of [Component Quantity] for the specified component within the components table.

I cannot seem to determine the correct formula for this overwrite operation.

I welcome any and all guidance, or alternative means to achieve a similar result.

Hi @atsouth thanks for your question and welcome to the forum. Could you take data from: =$[Component Quantity]+$[Picklist][Component Quantity] and write it to =$[Picklist][Component Quantity] and see if that works for you?

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I could. I did. And it worked as desired! Thank you Rajesh!

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