Update timestamp when editing data cell

Trying to update the Updated On column on a table when the editable data cell is changed. Seems like something I should be able to do by setting up automation but nothing seems to allow me to only affect the currently edited row and column.



It sounds like you just have to add an automation to the "Done" button. Then write =NOW() to the Updated On column when the button is clicked.

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The Done is for adding new items not editing. I am using the Editable option in the column data which allows for inline edits when you leave the textbox focus.

Hi @h-bomb :slightly_smiling_face: :honeybee:

You can achieve this with an automation that is set up to update a column when another changes. This is how it would look:

Here's a table that includes a column to store when it was last updated:

Now create an automation, and set up a trigger when a particular column changes:

For the action, have it write NOW() to the column that tracks when it was updated:

Publish the automation. Now when you make a change to the column, you'll see the timestamp change as well:

Keep in mind that time in Honeycode is in UTC, so here's how you can write your time formula to convert to a desired timezone: UTC & Time Zone Conversion

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions. :honey_pot:

Perfect, thanks!

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