Updates to CSV sources

I would like to update the underlying CSV file on a daily or weekly basis to capture latest data from the source system..I hope this way, I can keep the end user facing apps that I have built in Honeycode and serve latest data on a regular basis..

How do I replace the CSV file that I started with? I prefer to keep one CSV source that I can update on the backend on my own.

Don't think that's possible today in Honeycode but thought I'll check with the community if there are any hacks that'll work around this.

If your table doesn't rowlinks, contacts, or other Honeycode-unique data types; and you're only adding a few rows (not thousands)... then you can copy/paste them from excel into your table.

However, most of the time your tables are going to need stuff like rowlinks and contacts, and then things can get pretty complicated quickly. It is possible, but you kind of have to build a second app just to update your first app.

In the past, I've built a blank "temporary" table and asked collaborators to paste data from excel into it. Then, there was an app I wrote that would go through each row in the "temporary" table, and use the data from that row to create a new row in my main table, but everything gets converted to the correct data type. It was absolutely the most complicated thing I had ever built in Honeycode at the time, but it did work! :slight_smile:


I have a similar question - I am recreating a spreadsheet in Honeycode, but when I copy & paste the data over (when I have already created picklists), the data won't link automatically.

Instead I have to click on the cell, open the drop down, then select an entry from the picklist. This is despite the data that was copied into the cell already matching the entry in the picklist.

Is there a way to automatically get copied data to get picked up on & associated to the existing picklist entries?

My concern is i have 200+ rows and 20+ columns - so this means i have a lot of manual entry to replicate this into Honeycode, where if it let me just copy & paste and associate correctly it will save my hours of manual work for no reason.


EDIT: There is a much easier way to do this.

As @AndrewB describes, this is possible. Here's a minimal demonstration of the general idea:

Create a new workbook, and create two tables, Names and NameRowlinks. Title the first column of each table Name. In Names, add the rows "Peter", "Paul", and "Mary."

Now create an automation. Use the trigger Column Changes in table "NameRowlinks" and start when the "Names" column changes. See screenshot below.

Add the action Update or insert row. Select the table NameRowlinks. Match row if =THISROW()[Name] is in =[Name]. See screenshot below.

Screenshot from 2020-07-22 01-13-49

Configure the action to take data from =FINDROW(Names, "Names[Name]=THISROW()[Name]") and write to =[Name]. See screenshot below.

That's it. To test it, copy the list of names from Names and paste them in the NameRowlinks table in the Name column. They will be instantly converted to rowlinks to the corresponding rows in the Names table.

Note that the big limitation to this method is that it won't work if there's any possibility of there being two people with the same name. You may want to use ID numbers or some other method to guarantee there will never be name collisions.


Turns out, there is a much easier way to accomplish this.

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