Updating a table with user input

Hi, all!
I am totally new to app building, so even no-code is hard.
I am struggling to add a number collected from a user input form to a number stored in a table.
Specifically, I have a form where a user indicates the number of days they want to take off, and I want that number to be added to the number of days that the user has taken off earlier.
I couldn't find any how-to for my question, sorry if it's been asked before.

Hi Vlad,
Before somebody chimes in with a more detailed answer, here's a quick overview in case you can sort the input out with these tips.

Without knowing what the user form is like, I assume you have a submit button there. You want to edit that button, and in the button properties under "ACTIONS" you want to go to the Automation part and create a new automation.

For the automation type, you would go for the "Update or insert rows". As the target you select the table where that time taken value is stored. For the row matching, I again make an assumption. That is the time taken off table stores the user as well, so you would match data $SYS_USER to that user column: =YOURTABLENAME[YOURUSERCOLUMNNAME].

For the "Take data from" part of the automation, you would use the field name of your form input, so something like =$[INPUTFIELDNAME] + OLD_VALUE. I think how you get the old value depends a bit on the makeup of your table. You could use VLOOKUP or FINDROW or it might work with just THISROW or that same YOURTABLENAME[YOURCOLUMNNAME].

Hope this helps and gets you started before somebody chimes in with some screenshots or demos.


Thank you, @codemeddler


It does in fact add [input field value] to the [old value] in the cell and then stores the result in the same very cell. Seems so easy now...

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