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Good morning!
I'm from Brazil and I'm building an app that will use more than 2500 rows in my workbook, and I'd like to upgrade my plan. Yesterday I got into the upgrade link, and it requests me to create an AWS account and put a credit card number. There's any cost for using this AWS account? For example: if I get the Pro plan, I will have to pay for cloud storage, data traffic or something like that? Or I only pay for the Honeycode plan that I want? (In my case, $30/month and just it?).
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Hi @Plan-c2ab, thanks for your question here! :honeybee:

There's no cost to create an AWS account, and there are different tiers, including a free tier which may meet your needs. Here's more information on the free tier and how pricing works.

Regarding Honeycode specifically, you would only pay the costs as specified in the pricing tiers here: Pricing & Billing FAQs.

Hope that helps clarify! :slight_smile: :honey_pot:

Good afternoon! Thanks for replying!
So if I create an AWS account and buy the Plus or Pro Honeycode plan, I will only pay $19,99 / $29,99 per month? Nothing else?
I'm afraid that I will have to pay for AWS services and Honeycode to, and by the end of the month I will have to pay more than these values....I just want a row number increase, nothing else (like storage data, as I said before).

Hi @Plan-c2ab :honeybee:

Correct; if you only use Honeycode, you will only be charged the Honeycode plan prices specified here: Pricing & Billing FAQs.

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Ok, thanks a lot!!

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