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hello community

How are they? I would like you to be able to help make a download manager in a dashboard. The idea is that the user enters, searches through his ID for the hosted file and can view or download it. The ID must be the same identification number as the file to download. It is a pdf that would have to be synchronized with the local server to obtain it, I do not know if through ftp or some other way

thanks stay tuned


Hi @Tech-sac,

Thanks for posting here! And for sharing what you'd like to build -

As of now, Honeycode does not support attachments or uploaded files (such as PDFs), however this has been a popular feature request, that we possibly may add to a future update of Honeycode.

That's a cool idea for a Honeycode app though, thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:
I'll include this idea and use case in the feedback that I pass along to the team.

Let us know if you think of anything further you'd like to be able to do in Honeycode, all of these ideas and requests are helpful for us as we improve the product. :honeybee:


thanks for your answer

I would like to ask what possibility I have of integrating the honeycode api with other apis, for example with some hosting such as c-panel

stay tuned

Hi @Tech-sac thanks for your question, although, I'm not sure I fully follow it. Honeycode APIs as they exist right now are intended to interact with Honeycode apps, by reading from screens or invoking automations in screens (Getting Started with Honeycode APIs). For integrating with something like cpanel, I assume you'll want to do operations such as create workbook, create table etc., is that right? If so, those operations are currently not supported by APIs.

Hi @Tech-sac wanted to let you know that we launched 10 more APIs yesterday that allow you to do table CRUD and metadata operations on tables and workbooks. Check out Getting Started with Honeycode APIs for more details. Let us know if you have follow up questions!