Urgent Bug: Broken/Delayed Time Fields

Hey team!

This is similar to another issue which I reported in the past (Breaking Feature - Honeycode Randomly Using Different Timezones to Dates Field - #18 by Nira-c595), and started occurring earlier today in spite of me not making any related changes to my Honeycode app.

The bug is that time fields in my app seem to be behind by an hour relative to what's displayed in my tables. Please see below for corresponding screenshots:

Table Data

Corresponding App Value

I am aware of the upcoming daylight saving period, but this shouldn't be affecting static times, to the best of my understanding.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @_Eric,

Thank you for reaching out, I have notified my team.

I will follow up with you once we have more information.


Hey @Evelyn - thank you for the prompt response! :slight_smile: The problem seems to be resolved now.

Hi @_Eric,

That's great to hear. Please let me know if anything else comes up!

Thank you,

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