[Urgent] Previously Working Pages on Honeycode Broken

Hi Honeycode team,

My business operations are halted due to Honeycode being unresponsive on one of our pages since earlier this morning (AEDT).

Even on backups made weeks or months ago, I am now faced with a long circular loading aninmation, followed by the following page upon opening up one of the pages of my application:

The following filter expression for a list seems to be responsible (as removing it fixes the problem):

=FILTER(Students,"FINDROW(StudentNotes,%)[Due Date]<=INT(NOW()+CONSTANT_Offset[TimezoneOffset]) AND NOT(Students[State]=%)","StudentNotes[Student]=THISROW() AND StudentNotes[Active]=TRUE() AND StudentNotes[Due Date]<>""""","Archived")

Did the Honeycode team recently make a change which may be causing this app crash?

Your help would be much appreciated. I can confirm that the problem persists even on versions of the app which worked perfectly fine until a few days ago, and on the mobile version of the app.

Without this fixed, our business cannot operate at all, unfortunately. :frowning: I would be very appreciative of any help you can offer.

Note: I have tried sharing diagnostics information, but the 'Message' button seems to be broken, no matter how many times I try to press it.

Hi @Eric-65bb, sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing. And thank you for providing the details, it really helped our teams analyze. Engineering investigated and has a couple recommendations:

  1. The particular filter that you had provided can be optimized by creating a column in Students table with formula FINDROW(StudentNotes,"StudentNotes[Student]=THISROW() AND StudentNotes[Active]=TRUE() AND StudentNotes[Due Date]<>"""")[Due Date] and reusing it in the filter.
  2. Additionally, it appears that the workbook has a large amount of suboptimal filters. Please use this guide to correct them: Best Practices for Optimizing Performance

Please try these recommendations as they should help resolve the issue.

Hey @aj - that did the job; thank you!

Did the allocated processing power to Honeycode applications decrease? I am slightly confused as to why the same filter was working in the past, but not anymore.

Thank you so much! I will continue to optimise my application based on the guide you have kindly shared.

hi @Eric-65bb, we're certainly glad to hear the issue is resolved, and thanks for providing an update!

It's a good question about processing power. It has not decreased, rather, what we suspect happened is that the suboptimal filters in the table kept increasing, especially over the past two weeks (perhaps your data set has been growing?). And as suboptimal filters increase, the load times become longer (requires more processing), which can eventually result in complete time-outs. This seems to be the case here.

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