Use display text on picklist on app

When a column has as format rowlink and has a custom Set display text use that on the app for the picklist. Currently is using the first column.

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Hi Nico, I may not understand your use case, so please elaborate if this doesn't help.

If you have a column formatted as a rowlink using custom display text, and this column is the used as a data source for an app, the app will render the value using the custom display text. If you then set this value to editable within the app, then the user will be able to change that value with a dropdown interaction, and the values of that dropdown will also use the custom display text. Is this what you mean when you refer to using the custom display text on the app for the picklist?

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Hi Jonathan, What you said is what I expect but it is not the current behavior.

I have created a demo app to show you and here some screenshots:

I expect to have Hereford and Aberdeen angus as options instead of HE and AA.

Let me know if you need more data. Also I can share you the app.


Hi @nicoalonsop, I wonder if this might be the trick:

On builder, select the data cell where your app user can select the race. Go to the Display tab in the Properties panel. If you format the data cell as "Auto", then builder will use the same format as defined in the table. In this case, the dropdown menu should automatically use the display text that you defined in the Animals table (i.e. [name]).

Hope this helps!

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