Use second column for source of picklist

Hi, I want to give user a picklist to select data from a Master Table.

But when I am creating the Picklist element, it asks for the source and by default takes the first column of source table to create the list. Is it possible to use the second or any other column for the picklist.

Col 1 | Col 2 | Col 3

I want to use Col 2 but it takes only Col 1.

Please help. Thanks

Is it possible to use the second or any other column for the picklist?


When formatting a table column as a picklist, you can "Set Display Text" to choose which column is displayed.

However, when formatting a data cell in your app as a picklist that option is not available. :man_shrugging:

You can, however, rearrange the columns in your table so without anything breaking. If you just drag Col2 into the first spot, that might be a good workaround.


We would like to turn this into a feature request and/or upvote it. It's really important to display meaningful text in a picklist, and there can only be one 'first column'. The display text option for table picklists is a great solution - just need it for screen picklists. By the way - our screen list sources are almost always filters if that makes a difference.


Hi @Mr-Bill, thanks for chiming in on this topic. I think @AndrewB summarized it well, but basically there are a couple options to explore for now.. You can either rearrange so the column they care about is left most or create a placeholder column which uses some sort of expression including concatenate if they want to combine multiple options. I understand neither may be ideal but I wanted to make sure that you knew of the options.

But to your point, this need has been noted and will be passed to our product team for future consideration.

We appreciate the input!