User Editable Fields while Keeping Current Data

Hey Community,

Do we know if there is a way to make a DataCell user editable while also retaining the current data for that field in the table. I currently have data in a column I want to keep but I also want my client to be able to manually edit the field within the app screen. Once i make this a plain text field it looses the data from the table within the app. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @AdamCollen-Huron, welcome to the community! I'm happy to help you with this. If I am understanding the question correctly then you should be able to make the field editable (check box below) and keep the format to Auto. Otherwise, you are correct, if you change to plain text it will wipe out the value.

Here is the editing in action

Let us know if this helps or if you had something else in mind.

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