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I've created an app, and have shared the app by providing the App Link generated by Honeycode. Am I correct in saying that for a new user to use the app, he must first create a Honeycode account? That wouldn't be so bad, except that non-developer users get confused by all of the "build and share your own apps" brouhaha. After creating his account, the user sees a screen with a button that says "Create workbook" and the name of their own team. This is confusing to a user who thought they were just getting access to a particular app.

Hi @Paul-12da, thanks for your question! :honeybee:

Yes, you're correct in that users will need to create a Honeycode account to use Honeycode apps, and they will also need to be on your team to view and use your apps. For adding team members, check out this article: Adding Team Members

Honeycode is a team-based service, meaning that workbooks and apps created are shared and used within your team.

Hope that helps clarify! Let us know if you have any other questions. :honey_pot: :slight_smile:

I'm the only developer for a projected user base of around 20 users. I've accessed one person so far, and he became extremely confused about the fact that he had his own team of one, in addition to being part of my team. And now, I think he's receiving emails from Honeycode, and is confused as to whether he needs to respond. I think that Honeycode should not assume that a user is also a developer.

Hi @Paul-12da ,

Thank you for the feedback and I apologize for any confusion.

I'll share the feedback with our Product Managers.

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