Using information written to a table for a calculation

Hey there,

I've been fiddling with Honeycode for a few days now, and I'm able to get done just about everything I want to, but I'm having trouble with this one thing. Basically I'm trying to make a stopwatch that can be paused multiple times. To do this I have an automation set up to insert a timestamp into a table when a "Start Pause" button is pressed, then another automation to insert another timestamp when "End Pause" is pressed. This works great when there is only one row of data in my table but falls apart when I have more than one row, and the automation continually gives me a #VALUE! error. I have a THISROW() column in the table which I use to find what row I'm supposed to be writing to via the following:


The PullPuncher is set by a previous automation which works regardless of how many rows of data there are in the table. This automation also sets the initial values for the Start and End pause times to 0.

The idea then is that when the Start Pause automation runs it will subtract the previous End Pause time from the Start Pause time that is there and add it to a Total Pause Time column before inserting the new Start Pause timestamp. So each time you pause it adds to a running total. Trouble is, regardless of what column of information I'm trying to pull from the table is also evaluates as #VALUE! and I can't figure out why.

I'm building this for a work project hence the lack of pictures, but if any pictures would be helpful I can do my best to try and take some without any sensitive information.

Thanks so much for the help.


Hi @Davi-13a2,

Thanks for your post here, and welcome to the community! :honeybee:

Neat idea too to build a stop watch app. :stopwatch:

I have a couple of questions first -

When you say it is evaluating to #VALUE!, is that what the output is to the table as well? Or are you just seeing it evaluate to that in the automation itself in Builder? Perhaps you could provide a screenshot of where you are seeing that error and also a screenshot of the formulas you are entering.

The reason I ask is that sometimes when you are using input or system variables, it may not evaluate in Builder, since it does not have a value yet until a value is given to that variable in run-time. (And the desired value may still write to the table upon execution of the automation).

We'll go from there. :slight_smile:

Hi @Davi-13a2 - how's the stopwatch (or other) apps coming along? Need any additional assistance?

Let us know if so.